Charities and donors both win

Givify's socially conscious travel platform empowers charities to create real value for their donors by offering savings on hotel arrangements (through their own private labeled travel experience), while simultaneously generating cash donations from each booking made.

Travel with purpose

Givify is the first socially conscious travel platform designed to raise sustainable funding for your non-profit organization.

Sustainable funding made easy

Getting started is simple with three easy steps

Customize travel platform

Givify will donate and private label a full-service travel platform for your organization. This is about you and your cause, not us!

Book travel

You invite supporters to book discounted hotel rooms through your exclusively private labeled travel experience. They'll love the savings and give you the credit.

Earn donations

Your organization receives a monetary donation from each booking made. Don't worry, we'll handle all the customer support and heavy lifting.

Enable your donors to

travel more, 

for less

Reward your donors for their support

Everyone books travels in one form or another, your donors may as well book through you. Whether they're booking an occasional hotel room for family gatherings, soccer tournaments or a long anticipated vacation, each booking gives back to your cause. Reward your donors by providing deep hotel discounts they won't be able to find anywhere else.

Learn how Givify can make an impact to your organization.

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